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Thanks for visiting my page. I am a film/digital fine art wedding & portrait photographer who loves to travel. Based in Nashville, TN I frequently shoot all over the country and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. My artistic style includes both posed and candid, with an emphasis on capturing the real moments and emotions. 



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Hi there, I'm Sam, a fine art photographer based in Nashville, TN and available worldwide. I believe the only thing better than making memories, is reliving them. I love photography for so many reasons but the opportunity to freeze a moment in time and cherish that memory forever is reason number one.

One reason I love wedding photography specifically is how it incorporates all my photographic passions into one day! Landscapes, street photography, documentary, portrait, macro...I could keep going. I love photography and hope my passion for my work shines through in your final gallery.

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My passion for photography is really about a passion for the story. While I do ensure you have a varied album with plenty of traditional and editorial poses, my emphasis is on capturing the real moments. Moments that you might otherwise forget. Moments that you may have missed. Moments that you'll want to remember forever. What that means is I don't turn your wedding into my production. Capturing posed elements is important but the most important part of my photography is capturing the memories.

When you look back on your album, I don't want you to remember how awkward the pose felt, rather the soft breeze, the warm embrace, and the laughter.

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While I try and have a simplified approach to packages and pricing, custom options are available. Please inquire and be as specific as possible and I will send you all the details for your specific session or event.


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"Oh my gosh! These are beautiful!!! Thank you so much!!

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